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Wild Harvest Candle Company LLC

BEESWAX ONLY - Pure Beeswax Candle

BEESWAX ONLY - Pure Beeswax Candle

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Pure and Natural Beeswax Candles - Unadulterated Essence of Bees! Experience the true quality of beeswax with our "Beeswax ONLY" candles.

Crafted without any scents, colors, or additional waxes, these candles showcase the natural fragrance of beeswax and honey in its purest form. Ideal for individuals sensitive to scents or seeking a purely natural aroma.

Choose from our handcrafted collection, available in 8 oz net wt single wick or 12 oz net wt triple wick options, both proudly Made in the USA using 100% natural and pure beeswax.

Our beeswax is sourced directly from our own bees in FL, USA. As dedicated beekeepers, we ensure the highest quality and authenticity of our beeswax.

Enhancing the elegance of these candles, our vessels are crafted from premium High-End Borosilicate Glass. The 8 oz jar features a laser engraved Acacia Wood Lid, while the 12 oz jar boasts a laser engraved Bamboo Lid. These lids, meticulously engraved in-house, not only provide an airtight seal but can also serve as a base for the candle. Moreover, our vessels are reusable and can be repurposed after enjoying your candles.

For an eco-friendly burning experience, we utilize Organic Hemp wicks coated in beeswax, ensuring optimal performance while upholding environmental sustainability.

Every candle comes beautifully packaged in our custom gift box, making it a perfect present for your loved ones.

Thank you for supporting our American Handmade Small Business and American Beekeepers!

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