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Wild Harvest Candle Company LLC

THE BEE'S KNEES SCENTED - Pure Beeswax Candle

THE BEE'S KNEES SCENTED - Pure Beeswax Candle

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Indulge in the Exquisite Aromas of "The Bee's Knees" – Handcrafted 100% Pure Beeswax Candle, Made in the USA, representing excellence and superior craftsmanship.

Allow us to introduce "The Bee's Knees" scent, a custom blend harmonizing the essence of Honey, Lavender, Vanilla, Lemon, and Orange. "The Bee's Knees" means that it is of excellent or very high quality. The origin of this expression is largely unknown, although there are a number of theories. Some people believe that it is a reference to the fact that bees carry pollen in sacks on their knees, and that the expression therefore alludes to this concentrated goodness. We like to think of this scent as "concentrated goodness" as well!

Our beeswax is sourced from our very own bees in Florida, USA, making this candle an authentic labor of love. We take pride in using 100% pure beeswax without any added colors, ensuring a non-toxic and eco-friendly burning experience. Rest assured, our beeswax remains unadulterated, as we never blend it with other waxes.

Both candle vessels boast elegant high-end Borosilicate Glass, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings. The 8 oz jar features a laser-engraved Acacia Wood Lid, while the 12 oz jar showcases a laser-engraved Bamboo Lid. These airtight seals not only preserve the candle's freshness but also serve as stylish bases for the candles. Once the candles have completed their journey, our vessels can be easily cleaned and repurposed, adding a touch of sustainability to your lifestyle.

In our commitment to eco-friendly practices, we utilize organic Hemp wicks coated in beeswax, ensuring optimal burning efficiency while minimizing our environmental impact.

The attention to detail extends to our laser-engraved lids, personally crafted in-house with love and care. Each candle includes a beautiful custom gift box, making it a perfect choice for thoughtful gifting.

Feel free to explore more of our exquisite candle and melt offerings and enhance your candle experience by adding our essential wick trimmer for efficient burning with every lighting.

 We deeply appreciate your support as we strive to sustain our American Handmade Small Business (Wild Harvest Candle Company) and contribute to the thriving community of American Beekeepers. 

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