Our most frequently asked questions. Have another question? Just contact us!

How much does shipping cost?

We offer Free USPS Ground Shipping within the USA for all orders over $100. For orders under $100 we offer a Flat Rate USPS Ground Shipping rate of $5.99. Upgraded shipping is also offered at checkout.

I need to cancel my order:

We generally process and ship orders the same day, if you need to cancel your order we ask that you contact us immediately via email Support@WildHarvestCandleCompany.com or text us at 352-235-2984 *Text is fastest* so that we can assist you. Orders that have been processed/shipped can not be cancelled, additionally, custom orders can not be cancelled if processing has started.

I made a mistake on my order, wrong address or items:

Please email us right away at Support@WildHarvestCandleCompany.com or you can text us at 352-235-2984 with your order number so we can help you.

How long does it take to ship my order?

Most orders ship within 1-3 days providing there were no changes to the order. If there is a delay of any kind you will be notified. Please be advised that this can also vary during the holiday season. Our current processing times will always be updated on our website.

Is there a "local pickup" option?

Yes, while we do not currently have a physical store front we are happy to meet to deliver orders for local customers only.

What kind of Wax do you use?

We only use 100% Pure Beeswax from our bees. We are also beekeepers. We do not "cut" or blend our beeswax with any other waxes or use coconut oil to blend or soften our beeswax. We have not found the need to with our beeswax. We only use a very small amount of organic coconut oil occasionally for scent purposes in some of our tropical scent candles. Those particular candles will be marked if that is used as part of the fragrance oils. Learn more about our products on our "About Us" page.

My Beeswax Candles especially my molded candles have a haze on them, What is that?

Bloom only naturally appears on 100% pure beeswax candles. It is a whitish film that starts as a light coat and over time gets heavier and not always spreads evenly. It sometimes takes on a crystal-like frosty appearance.  Beeswax candle devotees often love the bloom that forms on their beeswax candle. It assures them that their candles are pure beeswax and knowing that, the bloom becomes part of the mystique and beauty of beeswax.

However, if you prefer your beeswax polished and fresh looking then there are ways of removing the bloom.  You need the use of heat. The heat of your hand can warm up your beeswax candle enough to then take a soft cloth and polish off the bloom. Be sure the cloth is soft as you don’t want any rough edges marring or scrapping the beeswax. For candles like the ornamentals that have ridges and places hard to get at with a cloth, a hair dryer blown on to surface of the candle briefly will warm up the bloom enough to make it disappear.

Bloom will come back however. It may take a few days or a few weeks but it will be back. That is the nature of beeswax – it continues to bloom.

Now you can decide. Will you allow your beeswax candles to bloom away to flaunt their purity or will you polish them and make them look new and fresh? It is for you to determine.

What kind of Wicks do you use?

In our commitment to eco-friendly practices, we utilize organic hemp wicks coated in beeswax for our container candles and organic cotton wicks in our molded candles, ensuring optimal burning efficiency while minimizing our environmental impact. These thoughtful choices ensures you the most enchanting illumination

Do I have to trim the wick?

Yes, it is highly recommended. Your wick should be trimmed to 1/4" before each lighting of your candle. When you receive your candle from us there is no need to trim it as it is cut to a little longer length for the first burn. Subsequent burning of your candles should be trimmed prior to lighting.

If you do not keep your wick trimmed, problems can occur. Wicks can "mushroom" at the top which can cause excessive flickering, smoke, and/or soot. Keeping your wick trimmed also makes your candle safer and last longer. Additionally, it can prevent your wick from curling back into the wax.

I notice wax on the sides of the container after burning it. Why?

This is called "hang-up" and is normal especially towards the top and middle of the candle. Most often your candle with catch up. But small amounts of hang up is completely normal.

This is why we suggest your first burn to be at least until the wax pool reaches the edge (or very near the edge) of the container. This generally takes about 3-4 hours depending on the width of your candle and can vary based on the container and/or the number of wicks used in the candle. 

I notice my wick/flame dancing, is this normal?

Constant or random wind drafts can cause puffs of smoke and dancing of your flame. If your candle is located in a high traffic area, next to a window, door, vent, etc., the drafts will interfere with the flame and can cause it to dance around and produce a small amount of smoke. We advise keeping your lit candle away from those areas to prevent this from happening and to achieve optimal burning.

My wick looks like a mushroom head during and after burning, why?

A carbon buildup, otherwise known as a "mushroom" can happen with any kind of wick and wax. It is most common in fragranced candles as the fragrance oil travels up the wick while it burns. It is completely normal, however, it needs to be removed by trimming the wick before each relighting as we have recommended. Always wait until your candle has cooled completely before trimming your wicks, this makes it easier and cleaner to trim and prevents the trimmed wick from falling into your wax pool.

How do I extinguish my candles?

If you must blow out your candle, please do it gently. This helps to reduce smoking and from blowing hot wax around. A tool called a wick snuffer is a great and safe way to extinguish your flame. You can also use a heat and fire resistant lid to suffocate your candle flame. Our lids at Wild Harvest Candle Company LLC are NOT fire resistant and we do not recommend using our lids to extinguish your flames.

What days of the week do you ship orders?

We ship Monday-Friday. Our local PO closes at 4pm EST so if your order is packed by 3pm EST it will ship that day. Occasionally during the holiday season we will also ship on Saturday mornings. We do not ship on holidays or any days that the PO is closed.

How long does it take to ship and receive my products?

We do our very best to process your order and ship the same day if possible. Please allow 1-3 business days for us to process and pack your order. Shipping varies based on your location. We are located in NE Florida, so shipping could take approx. 2-5 days depending on how far you are away from us.

*Note - During holiday seasons shipping delays are expected and common. We have no control over this once an order has left our hands.  

My order was damaged during shipping, or lost what do I do?

Our goal is your satisfaction. If your product is damaged upon arrival, please email us right away at Support@WildHarvestCandleCompany.com  Please retain the original packaging materials and damaged items in case we need it returned back to us. Please allow enough time for your order to be shipped. Your tracking information will be sent to you and we advise first checking on the status. If you item was never delivered please contact us so we can assist you. If your order was scanned as "Delivered" and you can't find your order, first check with neighbors that live by to see if it was delivered to their house by mistake. Unfortunately the PO will not process any lost items if it has been scanned as delivered. It is your responsibility to have a safe location for your packages to be delivered and we are not responsible for packages that have been stolen after delivery.

I don't like the scent that I ordered, Can I return it?

Everyone has a different sense of smell and preference so we hope you can understand our policy that we can not accept returns or exchanges for this reason. Candles make great gifts though, and just because you don't care for the scent, most likely a friend, co-worker, or family member would! Please read our product descriptions for our items. We try our very best to describe each scent profile for you.

How do I repurpose my candle jars when they are empty?

Candle jars make terrific holders for all kinds of nicknacks around your home. You can also donate clean glass jars to recycling agencies. You can also use an oven or freezer to clean out your jars. 

For the oven: Carefully scrape out as much wax as you can with a butter knife or spoon. Heat the oven to 180 degrees and line a rimmed baking pan with parchment paper. Place the candles upside down on the pan and set the pan in the oven. The wax will melt in about 15-30 minutes. Remove the pan and place on a heat-safe surface. Hold the container using a towel or pot holder and wipe the inside with a paper towel then wash with soap and water.

For the freezer: Frozen wax becomes brittle and easy to remove from containers. Place the container in the freezer and waiting several hours or overnight. Once the candle is frozen, hold the container using a towel and use a butter knife to pry out any remaining bits of wax from the container. Wipe the jar down with a paper towel and wash with soap and water to clean out remaining debris.

*It is your responsibility to be very careful with whichever method you choose and to use the proper safety equipment to protect yourself from heat and glass.